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About Us:

At Zenith Power Products LLC we manufacture EPA Certified Industrial Engines that are fueled by Natural Gas, LP Gas, and Gasoline engines ranging from Hyundai 1.6L to Zenith Power 12L. We deliver our engines all over North America and Canada. We serve a wide variety of customers including construction companies, agriculture, winter recreation and much more. Our 12-Liter and 9-Liter freestanding units are customized for a variety of applications from irrigation pumps to generators. Our 1.6-Liter engines are customized to be used in concrete pumps to winter recreation for snow machines.

1.   We integrate the total Package.                                          

2.   We integrate and emissions certify the Engine Controls and Fuel systems for gasoline, natural gas, and propane applications.

3.   We are the Manufacturer of Record (MOR) for EPA-CARB emission certifications.

4.   We have Emission test capabilities.

5.   Dynamometer testing to 400 hp.

6.   Generator set test facility to 350 kW.

7.   We Design and test components to suit our engine applications.

8.   We have Service Parts distribution for our Engines.

Our operating principal is to treat our customers with the same dignity and respect that we want from our vendors.

Our Facility

Zenith Power Products facility is made up of engineering, assembly, operations and distribution. We are positioned to meet the high production volumes of our customers with added capacity for future growth.

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