My Engine Won't Start

As technicians it is common to think of the most complicated scenarios first before we realize the issue could be as simple as a faulty battery, wrong size battery, a fuse, or a fuel supply issue (in some cases, “Out of Gas!”).


Below is a trouble shooting first response guide used to eliminate the most common causes of failure.  This guideline is to determine if further work or troubleshooting needs to be performed beyond the basics.


Hopefully this simple starter guide will serve to save countless hours of telephone time and time in the field.

  1. What kind of problem, i.e., no start, no crank, misfire, etc.


   2. What is the current operating environment, i.e., ambient temperature and current weather conditions? 


   3. What is technicians experience with engines? 


   4. What types of tests have been performed already?


   5. Have tests been done properly for proper evaluation?


   6. What is battery voltage?


   7. What is coolant level, if equipped with low coolant level switch?


   8. Does engine have fuel? If so, what is fuel pressure? (Gasoline test)


   9. Too much fuel? (Flooded [cut fuel supply and crank engine])


   10. Does engine have spark? (Gasoline test)


If the steps above do not reveal an issue, continue with service tool diagnostics and component testing.